Lone Mtn-103-Vintage Ranger belt buckle


Formally called a Ranger buckle.Early cartridge belts in the 1870s-1880s used what came to be known as the Ranger style, with shorter, narrower and more flexible billet straps sewn onto the wider cinch strap (similar to cinch straps on Western saddles ) This piece dates back to the 1970’s’ and is set in solid sterling silver and has 17 small oval Lone Mountain turquoise stones. The buckle measures 1″5/8 x 1″1/2 , the keepers measure 1″ x 3/8″ and the tip is 1″ x 5/8″. Give us your pant size when ordering and we will have a plain leather ( color of your choice) made for you free of charge. We will even mount it for you !

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Lone Mountain Turquoise
The Lone Mountain Turquoise Mine, near Tonopah, Nevada, was one of the leading producers of fine turquoise in Nevada. It was discovered by Lee Hand in 1920 and filed under the name of Blue Jay Mining Lode. At first it was called the Blue Jay Mine on Lone Mountain and later just Lone Mountain. It is presently closed.
As with most mines, it was at first a tunnel and shaft project but when Menless Winfield bought the mine it was made an open pit operation. The turquoise from this mine is mostly good to high-grade and usually in the form of nuggets although there is a quantity of vein material. A very interesting occurrence of turquoise found here is a condition where the turquoise was deposited in cavities or molds left when parts of fossil plants were dissolved out of a harder rock. The turquoise is graded into golden matrix, black matrix and spider web. At present, most of it is cut and polished or the nuggets drilled and polished at the mine, making this is a very collectible turquoise, and rarely available in rough form.

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