MORENCI-109-Large Morenci turquoise pendant

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MORENCI-109-Large Morenci turquoise pendant


1970’S Vintage Morenci turquoise pendant. Spectacular coloring of this large stone are what make it special. Measuring  3″ x 2″ of silver with a stone set slightly smaller. Hand cut, hand stamped bezel hold this large stone securely and really make a statement. Heavy gauge silver is used and it feels substantial. One of kind piece.

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Product Description

Morenci turquoise is a famous American turquoise. 
   One of the most famous and well-known turquoise mines is the Morenci Turquoise mine form Southern Arizona. This mine was a major producer of natural gemstones that were used commercially for years in predominately the Native American reservations in the southwest. The Morenci Turquoise mine was famous for its beautiful true blues. The mine is also famous for its beautiful Pyrite matrix, which is one of the fingerprints of the mine. Nothing is more beautiful then sky blue Turquoise with silver colored iron pyrite matrix, or the rare golden pyrite matrix in natural Morenci Turquoise. The mine produce a wide variety of Turquoise from clear sky blue to pyrite matrix material to spider web to aqua blue green stones. Throughout the years gems from this mine were a stable in Native American jewelry made by all tribes. Today this beautiful classic Turquoise is hard to find. The mine has been closed for many, many, many years. Ultra high-grade material from this mine as with most mines is always scarce.

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