1970’s Spiderweb turquoise nugget necklace


Graduated spiderweb turquoise nugget necklace. The artist has used 34 stones to create the pattern. The nuggets measure approximately from 4mm to 6mm. Matching earrings are also part of the set.

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 Chinese Spider web Turquoise:  Often Turquoise is known for its spectacular matrix which comes from the host rock it was formed in. Turquoise can be identified from which Turquoise Mine it came from by the color and different elements of its matrix. Some Turquoise is known for its beautiful chocolate brown to reddish brown matrix while others Turquoise is known for its golden colored matrix. Occasionally, a Spiderweb pattern matrix is found in Turquoise which is very desirable to collectors, Spiderweb Turquoise is rare and commands a substantially higher value when found.

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