ANA 1374 Small Navajo cuff bracelet w/ Sleeping Beauty turq.


Iconic Sleeping Beauty turquoise is used in this small Navajo bracelet. Set in solid sterling silver. It measures 3/4″ in the center and tapers down to 1/4″. Heavy gauge silver wire is used for the bracelets shape and is easily shaped to fit most medium to small wrists. Don’t pass up this opportunity to purchase a piece of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.A certificate of authenticity comes with every piece of jewelry we offer.

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Product Description

The Sleeping Beauty Mine, located in Globe, Arizona, is no longer an active mine. For many years it produced a wide range of turquoise that is now even more highly prized for its solid soft blue color, with little or no matrix. The color of the turquoise ranges from a deep royal blue to a light sky blue. The mine originally was worked for copper and gold but during the last five decades or so it has produced gemstone quality turquoise in quantities to satisfy the commercial market. In general, the miners lease portions of the “dumps” and sort turquoise from there.The turquoise mine is now closed.

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