BC 1298 Water Web turquoise cuff bracelet


Measuring 1″ 1/8 in width, this is a medium sized cuff bracelet. The 5 stones used are “water web” Kingman turquoise that reflects the deep blue coloring of the oceans. Set in sold sterling silver. Each the stone is mounted high on the bracelet with heavy stamping through out. The artist is Albert Jake and is a renown Navajo craftsman that is known for his one of a kind pieces.

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Kingman Turquoise originates in the Mineral Park Mining District near Kingman, Arizona. One of the largest domestic turquoise mines, it is found in a large open pit copper mine in the high desert country. The Kingman Mine district was first mined by Native Americans; it was part of the most extensive prehistoric workings in Arizona.
The mine is currently owned & Operated by the Colbaugh family’s company, Colbaugh Processing. While old natural Kingman turquoise is rare, they have recently gone back into older sections of the Kingman mine and are bringing out some new natural Kingman Turquoise. Although there are quantities of this fine natural deep blue turquoise available, the largest percentage of turquoise mined at Kingman is being treated or stabilized. There are several other names for the turquoise coming out of the Kingman mining district: Ithaca Peak, Old Man Mine, Kingman Duval, Courtland, The Wall, and Turquoise Mountain, just to mention a few.

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