BC 1307 Aaron Toadlena black onyx bracelet

BC 1307 Aaron Toadlena black onyx bracelet


Crafted by well known artist Aaron Toadlena. This black onyx bracelet is amazing. Set in solid sterling silver. The artist has mounted 10 stones in a simple sterling silver setting surrounded by his signature “split sheet” design which creates openings in the bracelet making it feel very comfortable when worn. This is a stunning bracelet in person.

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Product Description

Aaron Toadlena: Married for over 20 years and has 2 daughters, two sons and a grandson. He lives in Northern Arizona. All his jewelry is stamped with a “handprint” which is the symbol of the creators of the five fingers clan. The ideas and creation of his jewelry evolve when his mind, heart, eyes, and hands work in concert. Aaron always creates his work of fine craftsmanship in the late evening or early dawn, when he feels his ideas come together from his soul. He believes his jewelry is a translation of his people “where the streams come together”.

Onyx is a chalcedony quartz that is mined in Brazil, India, California, and Uruguay. It has a fine texture and black color; however, some onyx also displays white bands or ribbons against a black or brown background and this variety is known as sardonyx. The name comes from the Greek word onyx.

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