Handmade Bracelet featuring 5 pieces of Beautifully matched Royston Turquoise by Navajo artist Brenyse Chavez

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This traditional Navajo bracelet is entirely handmade of Solid Sterling Silver with 5 pieces of beautiful Royston Turquoise from Nevada. Each stone is set separately in a handmade silver bezel then mounted on a heavy traditional handmade shank that features 3 pieces of half round silver joined together at each end. The Royston stones are nicely graduated in size from the center to both ends. It is approximately 5″ inside measurement with a 1 1/8″ opening.  it is approximately 7/8″ wide at the center and tappers to 3/8 ” at each end. Bracelet was crafted and signed by Navajo artist Bernyse Chavez from New Mexico. Please visit our ring, earring and pendant pages for complementing pieces

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