Medium sized Adobe Pueblo earrings- SRA 2319



The Pueblo design you see in your piece is a reflection of the of the Navajo people’s lifestyle. The scenery is set in New Mexico, near “Shiprock” mountain. This mountain range is a sacred area for the Navajo.  The black represents Father sky (everything known) while the pueblos are mother earth (everything known)

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Adobe Pueblo dangle earrings by artist Fred Begay

Each one of these earrings has been highly crafted and uses only the highest quality stones such as fossilized wood (black) lite brown picture jasper, tiger eye and red coral (moon). Measuring only 5/8″ high and 5/8″ x 1/2″ in width, these are small earrings. Due to there size and detail they are considered to be “micro” inlay as each individually hand cut element is measured in millimeters. The Navajo artist Fred Begay is one of only a few that is able to craft such a intricate inlay.

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