Zuni 159 – Vintagen 1960’s dangle earrings


Beautifully crafted dangle earrings. Vintage 1960’s Zuni handcrafted. Set in sterling silver. Genuine Lone Mountain turquoise from Nevada. Over 40 individual hand cut stones in each earring. Light weight and comfortable. See the matching necklace ” Zuni 160″

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Zuni Jewelry

Combining many stones into one piece makes some of the most beautiful and exciting Native American jewelry.   Depending on how the stones are cut, this style of combining stones can be called Cluster-Work, Needle Point, Petit Point and Snake Eyes.  These four styles emerged in the early 1920’s-1940’s and are primarily made by the Zuni Tribe, although some Navajos will make similar designs. These styles have a feminine quality to them, as the stones are set in small and elegant settings.

These designs are very tedious as each bezel (the silver holding the stone) is individually shaped and solder. Then the stones are cut, glued to matchsticks, then shaped and polished with a series of grinding wheel. In addition to these styles there is also the Zuni Inlay. This is the gathering of real stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl, and black jet) carved and assembled by hand to create a geometric pattern.


Cluster Work
Many artists excel at combining stones of any shape into large clusters to form a design/pattern. The term “cluster work” is a general term that is used to describe this style. Many times, “cluster work” is used synonymously with Petit Point.  Generally, with “cluster work” combinations of small round, square, rectangle and teardrop stones are used to create an infinite number of designs.

Lone Mountain

The Lone Mountain turquoise mine is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The turquoise is noted for its ability to hold its color and not fade. Usually found in nodules, Lone Mountain turquoise ranges in color from clear blue to spider-web. Because Lone Mountain turquoise holds its beautiful blue color well, it is a great addition to one’s jewelry collection, lone mountain like the turquoise pictured is very rare these days, now the mine produces a light grayish blue color turquoise. Occasionally the miners will find a rare fossil that has been replaced with Lone Mountain Turquoise.

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