36″ long turquoise and silver beaded necklace- Bil 469


This necklace is crafted with genuine turquoise and solid sterling silver. It measures 36″ in total length. The artist has used different sized Navajo pearls to create a pattern that is unique and easy to wear. The turquoise is also graduated in size from small at the ends to large towards the center of the necklace. This is a beautiful necklace.

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36″ long turquoise and Navajo pearl necklace

American Turquoise varies in color from different consultancies of the minerals that are in the soil above where it was formed. In general, Arizona produces Blue Turquoise and Nevada produces Green Turquoise, Colorado and New Mexico predominately produce Green Turquoise. In all areas there are deposits of the opposite color but in much smaller amounts.It also varies substantially from the different locations it is found. Turquoise is formed by moisture leaching down into the ground through the mineral rich soil. The liquid flows through and into crevasses and voids below the surface of the earth. Turquoise Nuggets form in a void within clay and Vein Turquoise from in cracks and voids in hard rock.

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