Zuni 161 – Thunderbird necklace set- vintage 1960’s


Measuring 26″ in overall length with 11 individual thunderbird figures. The husband and wife team of Lee & Myra Tucson has created a one-of-a-kind necklace. Each thunderbird figure is inlayed with white mother of pearl, black jet, melon shell, coral and turquoise. The main thunderbird measures 3″ x 2″1/2 with the other 10 thunderbirds measuring 1″ 3/4 x 1″1/2. The matching earrings measures 2″1/4 x 1/2. Navajo pearls are used to string the necklace. Very unique and highly detailed.

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The Thunderbird is a mythical creature of huge importance to the Native Americans of both the United States and Canada. An enormous bird, he symbolized great power, strength, and protection for humans against evil spirits. Able to transform into human form by removing his head like a mask and his feathers like a cape, he was considered the most powerful of all Spirits in Native American culture. Beneath his wings were lightning snakes, and these he wielded as weapons or tools as required.

Lightning shot from Thunderbird’s eyes and the flapping of his wings sounded like thunder. The Thunderbirds brought storms and rain – these could be good when the rain was needed or bad when floods, fires, and destructive winds were the result. Said to reside in the clouds above the highest mountains,

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