Albert Jake large triangle shaped pendant- BC 1356

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Albert Jake large triangle shaped pendant- BC 1356



This large pendant was handcrafted by renown Navajo artist Albert Jake. Albert is known for his detailed stamping and unique designs. The pendant uses a single piece of Royston Turquoise with outstanding coloring. Measuring over 2″ in length with a width of 1″1/2 at its widest. The bail is large enough to accommodate up to a 7mm chain or beaded necklace.

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Albert Jake: was born in 1959 in the Zuni Pueblo south of Gallup, New Mexico.  He learned silversmithing from his parents. He specializes in traditional set stones and cluster jewelry with intricate stamp work. He has been smithing since 1987.  He also creates sand-paintings and makes pottery. During the summers he works as a forest fire fighter. He lives with his wife and two daughters today in Rahmah, New Mexico, near the Zuni Pueblo.


Royston: A district in Nevada consisting of three turquoise mines: Bunker Hill, Oscar Wehrend, and the main producer, The Royal Blue. Royston is known for its beautiful colors ranging from deep green to rich, light blues which are set off by a heavy brown matrix. The Royston mine is producing a little high-grade turquoise today, operated by the Ottison family. They process most of their material into finished cabs and allow very little rough to come onto the market. This controlled output has raised the price of this material considerably in recent years.

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