We are proud to present a completely custom one of a kind pendant. Many months and hours went into creating the design. Handcrafted, etched and carved out of  solid 14kt. gold, this piece stands out from anything else. The polished outside edge of the setting is beveled at a slight angle creating a form to set the beautiful turquoise stone. The recessed  area has the look of Tufa casting but actually has been hand   texture with the artists own tools. He has put a  slight angle on this inside edge making a soft shadow that wraps around, defining the stone even more. In addition notice the setting with its bezel, individual cut rectangular  tabs that hold the stone perfectly.

The high mounted stone  helps show off the detail of these elements.Although all these things showcase the stone, the bail really sets the tone of detail and craftsmanship.With its single polished ridge running through the middle and surrounding texture it is the perfect element to hold the pendant.

** This one of a kind piece was commissioned by a client and is not for sale. It is however an example of what we can create for you ! Please contact us directly if you would like to create something special.