NIGHT SKY JEWELRY COLLECTION: Inspired by the clear dark night skies of the Navajo Nation. The Black you see is called “JET “and is a fossilized wood, which has been compressed over millions of years. Multiple pieces of stone make up the mosaic image. The stars are made from pieces of silver and the larger star and moon along with the shooting star are made from Cultured Opal.

Sterling silver (stars and setting): Is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.


Cultured opals (white colored elements), often referred to as opalite, are created in laboratories. Pure opals that occur in nature take many years to develop. Mines of natural opals are found across the globe. In the Southwest United States, there are naturally occurring opal fields that are mined.


Jet (black elements) is a product of high-pressure decomposition of wood from millions of years ago, commonly the wood of trees. Jet is found in two forms, hard and soft. Hard jet is the result of carbon compression and salt water; soft jet is the result of carbon compression and fresh water. Native American Navajo and Pueblo tribes of New Mexico were using regionally mined jet for jewelry and the ornamentation of weapons when early Spanish explorers reached the area in the 1500’s.Today these jet deposits are known as Acoma jet, for the Acoma Pueblo.

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From our collection of Native American inlay art this “Running Horse” Pendant. Hand inlay ed and signed by Navajo artist James Lee, the Pendant features an inlay ed bail that will accommodate most chains and Navajo Pearls. Pendant and bail are approximately 1 1/4″ long by 1 3/4″ wide. The Running Horse is inlay ed with Black Jet, the Stars,comets and Planets are inlay ed with Red Coral and Cultured opal.  Notice the detail in the tail of the comet.  The Bail is also inlay ed to match.   A true work of art that you will be proud to wear. The position of the stars, moon, and patterns will vary as each piece is inlay ed by hand

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