BIL 375 Adjustable Multi-Color ring by Bernyse Chavez

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BIL 375 Adjustable Multi-Color ring by Bernyse Chavez


Colorful and distinctive Navajo ring. Handcrafted by Navajo artist Bernyse Chavez. Known for her detailed stamping and creative stones . Her use of purple and orange spiny oyster shell along with the green turquoise is beautiful. The adjustable shank on this ring can be varied from a size 7 to 9 very easily. Measuring 1″3/8 x 1/2″

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Sonoran Blue Gold Canyon Turquoise is an interesting turquoise from Senora, Mexico, near Nogales, Arizona, and its neighbor: Nogales, Mexico, which is the northernmost point in all of Mexico. The series of mines bearing this name are on several sites contingent to the American border. Very little hard natural material has been mined here. Most has needed stabilizing to be useful. The high-grade natural material is a medium blue, with darker blue matrix, forming a “birds’ eye” pattern. This is usually accompanied by iron pyrite, giving it a similar look to a high-grade Morenci. The high-grade turquoise from this mine is rare and is considered both esoteric and valuable.


Spiny Oyster Shell (orange and purple colors)

Living Spondylus shells are, indeed, very spiny, but the polished product looks very smooth the most commonly used Spondylid Bivalve shell colors include orange, reds, and purples and may include distinct striations and color variations. One also finds pink, red, brown, yellow, orange, and white on the market. The Yellow Spiny Oyster’s especially rare.In the American Oceans, the Spondylids occur along the North American coasts, as far north as North Carolina, on the Atlantic Coast, and northwestern Mexico, on the Pacific Coast. It develops in waters to South America. The Orange Spiny Oyster occurs in shallow to moderately deep waters, where snorkelers and scuba divers readily harvest them. Purple Spiny Oysters grow in deeper water, making them more difficult to find and harvest.

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