Vintage Eagle Dancer bracelet


Vintage hand made bracelet. Inlayed with the Eagle Dancer design. The artist is John Lucio who was known for his Eagle dancer designs that resemble¬† tribal members wearing actual costumes. Measuring 2″3/8 in width that tapers down to 3/8″. This is a large bracelet that is easy to wear. An outstanding example of Native American art that you can wear.

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The Eagle is the messenger to the gods and his fetish represents power, balance, dignity, vision, higher truth and grace. In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. The eagle is found in both the healing and the hunter directional fetish sets. Creator, teacher, loyalty, great integrity, spiritual connection to the great divine. He carries the power of intuition and creativeness, along with the powers of healing and spirit. His spirit transcends personal problems, and he symbolizes becoming one with the Greater Spirit.


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