Blue Gem 110- 1960’s to early 1970’s Blue Gem Bracelet

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Blue Gem 110- 1960’s to early 1970’s Blue Gem Bracelet


Light weight and delicate, this beautiful bracelet shows it age with a natural patina only time could create. The center oval stone measures 1/2″ x 3/8″. Scalluped edges and split silver are great details. The overall silver width is 3/4″ and tapers down to 1/8″. With the 1″ opening it is easily shaped to fit most wrists.

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Product Description

While the Blue Gem Turquoise mine was very prolific at one time, today it is considered extremely rare, valuable and collectible turquoise. Most of the “finished” Blue Gem turquoise today is in private collections and museums, rarely offered for sale.

The Blue Gem Turquoise mine was located deep underground, accessed by tunnels as deep as 800 feet. This is of interest because the Blue Gem Turquoise Mine and the Bisbee Turquoise Mine in Bisbee, Arizona are the only two Turquoise mines (that we know of) where turquoise was found that deep in the earth. Another interesting fact about both Blue Gem Turquoise and Bisbee Turquoise being found so deep underground as that both deposits produced some of the hardest and truest blue Turquoise ever found.

There’s just something about Blue Gem Turquoise. It is a treasure: a rare, valuable and historic American turquoise. When we think of Blue Gem Turquoise, we think of translucence, depth, watery, what we mean by “non-opaque, silicated” jewels. This turquoise is hard and often won’t change color, takes a high polish and will be beautiful one hundred years from now. The character and beauty of these stones are impossible to fully capture in images, since this turquoise has a unique character that’s hard to describe. It is like pools of glassy water captured in solid form. We believe this may be some of the greatest turquoise ever mined and once you own a piece you will be addicted to Blue Gem Turquoise.

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